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Free PHP Class Builder

Welcome!  This is a free and very rudimentary tool for PHP developers to quickly build class templates simply by entering some information below.  A class template will be generated upon submitting.  Send your suggestion or comments, if any, to the Card2U web team.

Note: We thank you for a lot of compliments, suggestions and criticism to this class builder.  We cannot address your message individually (mainly because no reply email has been included in most messages).  We try our best to make this service best for all of us but may not be able to customize for individual needs.  Should you require to customize, you can download the script here and do it yourself. 

Class Name (required): Class name is such as Test, Security and so on.  Class name is the only required data to generate a class template.
Super Class (if any): Super class is the parent class that the current class extends or inherits from.
Variables (up to 10): Methods (up to 10):
Variables - Attributes of the class, such as Name and IsSecure.

Methods - Functions of the class, such as printLogin and DisplayError.

4 types of methods will be generated automatically depending on your input:

Constructor function - The name is same as the class name.
GetClassName function - Returns the name of the class.
GetXXX functions - Get the values of class variables.
SetXXX functions - Set the values of class variables.

After testing, appreciate you send your comments or suggestions to promo@card2u.com.my so that we can improve.  Thank you!

Terms of Use

We use this tool to generate class templates for our work.  Just wish to share with you all.  We are not responsible for any losses or risks resulted from the use of this tool.

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For a primer on object-oriented programming in PHP, please visit http://php.resourceindex.com/Documentation/Class_Design_and_OOP/


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